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Poetry Flair at IUS – Literature and Art in One Place

On December 28, 2022, IUS English Language and Literature (ELIT) study program organized a Poetry Flair in collaboration with the IUS Art Gallery Director, Prof. Dr. Meliha Teparić and the IUS Music Club. The event showcased students' creative poetic potential and output.

The peculiarity of this event is that it brought together creative writing and art. The idea was born during the past semester in the ELIT 302.1 American Poetry course where students worked hard to learn about different forms of poetic expressions in various American contexts. While reading American poetry, they discussed and analyzed socially vital themes, such as freedom, religion, gender, and race. Moreover, they actively participated in a series of poetry writing workshops co-facilitated by Ms. Dina Greenberg, an American author, and an American Literature Professor, Asst. Prof. Dr. Nadira Puškar-Mustafić.

The attendees had an opportunity to enjoy the sounds of live music performance of the IUS Music Club and ELIT students' poetry in the beautiful environment of the new IUS Art Gallery.