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ELIT Organized Creative Writing Workshop for Primary School Students

On December 13, 2022, a creative writing workshop was organized for grade 6 students from Isa-beg Ishaković primary school from Sarajevo. Nine participants - Ahmed, Berk, Tamer, Kaan, Lejan, Nora, Iman, Fatma and Asja were accompanied by their English language teacher, Elvira Zeljković. The two-hour workshop was organized by English Language and Literature (ELIT) study program at IUS and ran by Assistant Professor Dr. Vesna Suljić.

The students wrote a guided short story in English and were encouraged to use their imagination and describe an event which included a human and a cat as the protagonists. The students did not lack either English language competencies (including the correct use of grammar, syntax or spelling and punctuation) or creative writing skills and each of them produced an interesting story with some dramatic effects – in most stories vets were busy but cats survived their mishaps! As each story was written from the perspective of the first person, it is so good to see how enthusiastic all these young writers are – the animals in the stories were taken care by the human who was proactive, caring, and empathic, just like these primary students presented themselves to be.

These stories will be offered to wider audiences in the next issue of IUS Creative Writing Magazine “Flair”.